May 2, 2017

max's baptism

Max got baptized and it was such a special day!  

There is actually a long story that goes with Max's baptism.  Our small branch has a portable baptismal font that we brought home and set up in our garage.  The plan was to have the baptism on Saturday, February 25th and we started filling the font a few days prior.  But there were two big problems - there was a hole in the font and the temperature in Astana dropped to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit.  So the water leaked all over the inside of our garage and froze.  The water ran underneath our garage door and it froze shut, too!  

Max was SO excited and knew it was his special day!  When we arrived, he kept sticking his foot in the water saying, "I want to get baptized now, hurry!"

Max is so lucky that his dad was able to baptize him! 

Afterwards he got his favorite treat - warm, buttery corn in a cup!