January 13, 2017

Happy Birthday | Max turns 8

Happy Birthday, Max!

Our sweet baby boy turned 8 today!  Max always has a smile on his face and is the most easy-going kid around.  He thinks everything is "epic".  His favorite things to play right now are Star Wars legos, Nerf guns, and anything Pokemon.  He LOVES his pug.  Max just learned how to ride a bike, does well in school, and gives the best hugs (but hates kisses).

Some cute things Max has said recently -

Max: "Mom, are you American?"
Me: "Yes, Max, I am American."
Max: "Is Dad American?"
Me: "Yes, he's American also."
Max: (very surprised) "Oh, so everyone in our family is American!"

Max and I were watching the news where they were talking about Trump's wall.  They were showing pictures of the existing border wall and in big letters along the bottom of the screen it read, "How much for Trump's Wall?"
Max, with his 8 year old brain, was trying to understand what was going on.  I explained to him that Trump may build a wall between Mexico and the United States.  He looked really upset and yelled, "What?!  America's going to be trapped inside the US?!"     



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