December 29, 2016

December 28, 2016

Borovoe | Snow sledding and horse back riding

On our second day we took a shuttle bus to a small farm for an hour long horse ride. 

Max was afraid of the horses so he and I hopped on a snow sled instead.  We snuggled up and even had a furry blanket to keep ourselves warm.  
Max getting comfortable and warm

Max was so comfortable that at one point during the ride he almost fell asleep!  This was probably my favorite part of our trip--sledding through remote Kazakhstan through a quiet, white and untouched forest.  It was like we had entered Narnia! 

This was our view

A very cold family picture before heading back to the hotel for the day.  It was -11 degrees F and so long as we went inside every two to three hours we were okay. 

Sweet Max, he loved playing in the snow! 


December 14, 2016

Lost Tooth | Max

I want to add that when Max realized he had swallowed his tooth he was incredibly upset (Tooth Fairy!) and he started to cry. Kurt was doing his best to calm and comfort him but Max was desperate. He put his hands together in a fist and started to push on his stomach, in and out, in and out. He was trying to "pump" the tooth out! He's such a funny kid!


August 22, 2016

Astana, Kazakhstan | 1st Days of School

Kurt and I are always amazed at our kids and their ability to adapt to new countries and new schools.  We know it can be hard for them, but they do it and they do it with (mostly) smiles.  Adapting to new situations is an important life skill that moving around has taught them - they have seen that new is good and even exciting and that starting over is a great opportunity.  They also know that eventually they always make friends, they always learn where their classes are, and their new country always becomes "home".  It helps so much that they have each other and they're all going through it together. 
Well, I'm looking forward to a consistent schedule and I know the kids are, too.

Macy is starting her senior year this year.  Class of 2017!  

Aja will be a Sophmore this year

Noah will be in 5th grade

Zoe will be in the 8th grade

Max is starting 2nd grade.  I asked him if he was scared for his 1st day at a new school and he said, with a big confident smile on his face (and a dab),  "Mom, I don't worry about those things."


July 25, 2016

Cross Country Road Trip | San Diego

We made it to our final destination, San Diego, California!  Over the course of a month we drove 4,000 miles through 14 states.  Starting in Virgina, we went through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California.

Grandma Mickey and Grandpa Jon used to live in San Diego and it's one of our most favorite cities.  We visited Del Ray Beach and spent the entire day there boogie boarding.

I love Max's smile in this picture.

What is the point of visiting the beach if you don't get sand in every crevice of your body?

Noah LOVED the beach!  Luckily, we had no shark sightings:)

Sand head.

Zoe's favorite part was catching sand crabs. 

Being crammed in our car (7 people and 14 bags!) for a month wore on all of our nerves and there was bickering and even tears, but most of the time we enjoyed each others company.  We bonded and made unforgettable memories while visiting our beautiful country.  And spending our final day at the beach was perfect. 

Goodbye, San Diego and America!!  Wheels up to Kazakhstan in 1 day! 


July 23, 2016