December 9, 2012

Florida vacation

We are enjoying a family vacation in Florida. We finished our 2 year tour in Brazil and have about 5 weeks of home leave before Kurt has to start Hindi training in January. We're spending most of that time with Isaac and Nadia in VA but wanted to get away as a family for a while. We rented a home in Key Largo for a week and it's super cute. The kids are enjoying the creatures we've seen so far. They've seen a HUGE manatee, several iguanas, a sting ray, and some other small fish. We're in a bay and so the ocean is super calm and we've gone out on kayaks several times, too. The only down side is that the beaches in the Keys are super rocky and so we've been disappointed by that. Tomorrow we plan on driving up to Miami beach and snorkeling. But today we went to a water park and the kids had so much fun. 82 degree weather in December, it's almost like we never left Brazil!

Noah learned how to use snorkels today and was so proud of himself! He loves the water!

Max is the luckiest little boy because he has 4 older siblings who will do anything for him. Aja was by his side for a lot of the day making sure he didn't slip anywhere and going down slides with him. He wanted the goggles on because he's always trying to keep up with Noah, doing everything he's doing. At one point while I had my head turned for 5 seconds, Max fell into the big pool. I think he slipped and I heard a splash and Macy yelled, "Max!" and he was struggling in the water. He had on his large life vest so he was floating but half of his head was under water. It was so horrible. But it was only for 2 or 3 seconds and I pulled him out. It just goes to show that it only takes a few seconds. At the end of the day Max was upset because his fingers were so wrinkly and the tips were pink. He kept looking at his fingers and crying saying, "My fingers are pink!" He even said, "I don't like pink, pink is for girls!"