February 22, 2012


Noah is so full of life and on a daily basis makes me smile. Some of the things that he's doing and saying:
-He keeps asking when his party for when he turns 6-and-a- half is going to be.
-Almost every morning (although I've noticed that he isn't doing it as much lately *sad*) he wakes up and jumps on our bed and gives Kurt and I a kiss on the cheek and whispers to each of us, "You get one of these (meaning kisses) every day".

-His favorite thing is jiu jitsu right now and he takes classes at school once a week. He's so proud of all the "jiu jitsu" moves that he's learning and is always anxious to show us. He came home from school and said that during p.e. he fell but then did a "jiu jitsu roll" and that his p.e. teacher (who happens to be his jiu jitsu instructor) was so proud of him. He went on to demonstrate his fall-and-jiu-jitsu-roll and it was awesome!

-Noah was still trying to understand as much about India as he could wrap his 6 year old mind around and he said, "I think I'm going to like India....wait....do they have donuts in India?" (after Kurt googled it, we found out that they plan on opening 300 Dunkin Donuts in the next 10 years) We think he'll like it there.
-Noah gives the BEST hugs. Usually first thing home from school he'll jump up in my arms and wrap his arms and legs around my body, putting all of his strength and love into the hug. It's one of my favorite things in the world.