May 28, 2011


I was explaining to Noah that with his dad's job we'll be moving to really cool places throughout the world every few years. I told him that after Brazil we could possibly go to Africa or even Japan. "Japan" immediately got his attention and he quickly jumped in and said, "We're NOT moving to Japan! I don't ever want to move to Japan!"
Now, the only thing Noah knows about Japan is the recent earthquake and tsunami. We talked about it with our kids after it hit and also watched a few videos of the horrible destruction that it caused. Also, he knows that I lived there when I was little.
Anyway, I told him, "Noah, if we moved to Japan you would absolutely LOVE it! It's a wonderful place!" Then he looked at me and with complete seriousness said, "But we're going to die there (and then raising his arms dramatically as if he's reminding me)--EARTHQUAKES!!"
A couple days later I was reading the news online when Noah walked up. I happened to be looking at pictures of the massive flooding in the South. He was curious so I explained to him that a very large river, the Mississippi River, has been flooding and that many people's homes have been washed away. He asked, "Where is the Mississippi River?" I told him it's in the United States. Then, waving his hands in the air he said, "We're not going there either."

Leaf artwork--click on the picture to see what he was writing 

After playing outside with Noah (and a sharpie marker), Max mysteriously showed up with his name on his shirt.  



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