May 3, 2011

Hammer and Wood


Noah is a simple kid.  All he wants to do (on a daily basis and ALL day) is build race tracks from old cardboard boxes, play legos, or build a clubhouse.  You give him a piece of wood and he is occupied for hours!  Sometimes early in the morning I'll hear him in the backyard hammering away and he'll come running in telling me that he's building a Bat Cave and how he's measuring it out and how it'll work.  Such a boy.  He got ahold of my box of nails and ended up hammering them in trees all over our yard.  The poor trees--but I just let him do it!  I just smile thinking that these are the kinds of things that kids should be doing--being creative in their own backyards.  And I smile again knowing that Kurt was the same way when he was little, always wanting to play with tools.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Here is Noah showing me his bat cave

And little Max following Noah around all day, always wanting to be a part of whatever big brother is doing.  Here he's showing me some grass

Noah is demonstrating to me very dramatically how his ribbon trap is supposed to trip anyone who tries to enter

This is the lone piece of wood that Noah has to play with.  He hammers it and hammers it endlessly.  Kurt took him out this past weekend and together they went on a wood-finding wild goose chase (because finding anything in Brazil is a wild goose chase).  Still no luck finding wood--but we know that in the land of the Amazon Rain Forrest, it's got to be somewhere!  We have finally found instructions to a clubhouse that "the boys" are going to build.
 Check it out here  

Also, to the right is a picture of what happens when Noah gets ahold of scissors.  Our poor plants, I'm sure they have learned to cringe at his sight.  



  1. What a creative little guy! I need to give wood and nails to Benjamin--anything to keep him entertained. I loved reading your blog!

  2. P.S. This is really Wendy--not my kids.