May 14, 2011

A story by Macy

This is a story that Macy wrote for her 6th grade English class.  It was supposed to be a descriptive story and we were were so impressed by it!  She's our budding writer!

"The Follower" 
        The day the follower came after me was a gray, mournful, dark morning.  Each morning, the follower chooses it's victim.  I was the victim this dreary, rainy day.  I was almost completely sleep walking this no school day.  I did not want to walk away from my soft, cushion of comfort and my warm, comfortable, layer of comfiness all rolled in one.  I slowly but surely padded my way down the cold, hard stone.  I finally hit my least favorite carpet, the hardest carpet in the house.  I heard the splish and splash of the patting rain on the asphalt.  I walked into my favorite place in the house, the place where all the food was.  That's when I saw it.
        Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black thing struggling its way to someplace that seemed to be important.  I looked over as fast as I could and saw the bare, tiled floor.  I checked the perimeter of the area I saw the mysterious object in.  The black thing looked like the creepy-crawly that always tried to come in the middle of the dreary nights.  I called it "The Follower".  I soon realized that I had to see and discover it with my own two eyes.  The follower tailed me every second of the morning.
        Finally, I couldn't take it anymore.  So I thought I could make it appear when I wanted it to.  My thoughts cramped for ideas, but still nothing good.  The final thought popped into my head.  I could bribe it with something.  Something like food.  I trotted over to the fridge that boring, dark night and with my two sweaty hands grabbed peanut butter, I thought.  With a cold, metal knife I smeared oogy-gooey pounds of goodness onto the special spot I saw it in this morning.  I waited and waited.
        My position changed every 5 minutes.  The dreary digital clock's numbers grew bigger.  My thoughts wandered for a crazy amount of time.  At 11:57, I saw something scurry like a giant spider across the dark floor.  The follower was bigger than before.  The peanut butter had disappeared from the cursed spot.  I was sweating like a maniac.  The entire room seemingly looked like it was turning in circles.  The whole room turned as dark as the forest at night.  My eyes couldn't see anything.
        My eyes peeled open as the beautiful sunrise came up, filling the room with bright sunlight.  The flowers in the room turned to all of the windows.  My dog was out and about, his anxious eyes burning a hole in my skull for food.  As my feet skid across the floor, still in my morning clothes, the follower showed itself in the corner of the kitchen.
        It's legs wiggled up and down, side-to-side.  The antenna was bobbing up and down as if saying yes to the ceiling and no to the floor.  It's legs had a special spike to it.  The follower was about 2 inches from the highest point of the kitchen.  The high-pitched, ear aching sound came from my mouth.  Two seconds, five seconds, now ten seconds.  I finished as my mom and dad came running in.  My head guided itself over to my mom and dad's terrified faces.  They asked what was wrong.  I took my scared, shaking hand and turned towards the giant mutant.  The spot it was sitting in was now empty.
        My mom and dad could tell I was in shock.  They said I didn't have to go to school, but I was in my own world.  My thoughts churned as the doorbell rang.  Who is it at this time of day?  I thought.  My dad answered the door as I stood there in silence.  The same kind of high-pitched, ear aching sound came from the doorway.  I rushed to the door to my dad and a friend, but no one was there.  No dad, no mom was in sight.  I immediately knew the follower had gotten to them.
        I quietly made my feet move to the door frame.  The floorboards made a "Squeak, Crunch!" noise.  I finally came to the door and a black, pink, yellow, and blue blob came rushing in to the house.  I ran to my room and locked he door.  I crashed into my bed and daftly put my sheet and blanket all over me.  It was completely dark.  I was shaking in fear.
        All of a sudden, the full morning sunrise was all the way up.  I looked around.  The sheets were no longer on me.  I remembered all that happened last night/morning.  I hopped out of bed and ran to my mom and dad's room.  They were there.  Phew!  I thought.  It was all a dream.  When I walked over into my room again, there was a small, tiny black thing in the middle of the room.  It was a dead cockroach.
                                                                              The end

Also, Macy had New Beginnings a couple weeks ago.  At our church, once a young girl turns 12 they go from Primary to Young Women's.  New Beginnings is when all the current young girls get together to welcome the new girls who are turning 12 that year.  I sat there feeling a little sad that my little baby girl was almost 12.  But she's not little anymore--she's so capable, incredibly smart, pretty, funny, compassionate and caring, and talented in so many ways.  She's like a beautiful flower that keeps growing with beauty and blooming with talent, every day.  As parents we can't take much credit--she honestly was just born amazing and wonderful.



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