May 19, 2011

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We are one of the last fs families that I know to find monkeys in our backyard--and because we don't have any fruit trees, I thought we never would!  Kurt and the kids were in the yard when they heard some noise in a tree and noticed 3 little monkeys high in the branches.  They ran inside to get a banana (and I, a camera) and placed it on the fence.  The monkeys actually crawled down, grabbed the banana pieces, and quickly ran back up the tree.  We think they are squirrel monkeys, literally the size of a squirrel.  They were only a few feet from us, too.  

What a fun experience for the kids--I mean, how often do you find monkeys in your back yard!? 

Noah is my little buddy during the day.  I know when he disappears for a while that he's up in his room working on his legos.  I'll call up to him, "Noah, what are you doing?" and he'll yell down, "Building legos!  Don't let Max in my room!"  It's a bonus when he comes down with lego letters and little sheep!   I'm going to miss him when he starts kindergarten.  

Max is our sleeping baby.  He plays hard, but when it's time to sleep he's ready and usually doesn't fight it.  He's like a male version of Sleeping Beauty.  :)

I finally finished painting the kitchen.  I wish I had taken a "before" picture because it's a HUGE improvement.  The walls were supposed to be white when we moved in, but somehow they were left a horrible peach color for us.  Yes, I know--who paints anything peach?? 


Here's the start of Kurt and Noah's club house.  After finding that regular 2X4's and sheets of wood are super expensive in Brazil (who would've thought?), they are going to attempt this massive project with 9 foot tall eucalyptus tree trunks.  I know that Kurt is having to rethink his building plans, but I'm sure it'll be awesome--it just might take some time and a lot more work than expected (and hoped).  :)  As you can see they haven't gotten far.  I'll keep our progress posted.      


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