March 6, 2011

2 steps forward, 1 step back

A couple days ago Noah and Max and I were home alone during the day when a big beautiful Brazilian storm hit. The clouds started to stir, the sky darkened, the rain came drizzling down, and you could see lightning forming in the distance. It's one of my favorite things about Brazil. One hour it will be dark and stormy and then the next it will be sunny and clear as day, with birds chirping in the background. Anyway, all of a sudden our electricity went out. Losing power during a storm is very common here, but Noah HATES it. It scares him. We were sitting outside on the porch admiring the storm when he asks, "Where do storms come from?"
Me: "Well, they form in the sky."
Noah: "Does Jesus make the storms?"
Me: "Yes. He makes the storms and He is in control of the storms. Jesus has made everything."
I was so proud of my boy, asking questions about Jesus! You know, those times when your heart swells because you are having a spiritual "teaching moment" with your child? Then he asks, "Does Jesus have light in His house?"
me: "Yes, He does--it's probably always light in heaven."
Noah, thinking for a moment, and then with a scowl: "That's not fair, Jesus gets to have light but we don't get to have light."

2 steps forward, 1 step back.....


March 5, 2011


Our pool is finally up and running. And yes, this is our back yard--we are not on vacation, although it feels like it every day--and no, we have not escaped to some tropical island for the winter. This is our home in paradise.

Thank you, Grandma, for the super cute bathing suits!