February 15, 2011

Noah started Preschool

I felt a pang in my heart as I dropped Noah off for his first day of school. He has been talking about going for months and months and finally the day had come. He could finally use his Star Wars backpack and pack a lunch, which is, of course, the coolest thing in the world for a 4 year old boy. Both Kurt and I (and Max) saw him off on his 1st day and we were so proud. Could this really be our 4th child that we are sending off?

When I picked him up 4 hours later he looked sweaty and tired, but happy.
I tried to get as much information about his 1st day as I could, but he wasn't very forthcoming.

Noah goes to an all-Portuguese speaking preschool. It's a house that has been converted in the back and it's the cutest place. The teachers are super nice (they give the kids hugs and kisses when they arrive, very Brazilian) and are very patient with the kids. By patient I mean, they basically let the kids do whatever they want whenever they want! I think it's perfect for preschool.

Anyway, the first day went great, but the next morning he was in TEARS about going! Literally, tears were streaming down his cheeks and we had to pry him off the couch. I felt like a horrible mom making him go, but he's almost 5 and starts kindergarten in August!! And it's only for 4 hours! He has to get used to going.
**It's been a couple weeks now and I am very happy to report that he now tolerates going.  There is no kicking and screaming, but to say that he enjoys going would be pushing it.   He's a reluctant preschool-goer.   But that's progress, right?
**The Sunday after Noah's 1st preschool week, he was so incredibly grouchy.  He was yelling at his siblings and being rude all day.  Finally, Kurt had to pull him aside and tell him to calm down and to get his act together. Noah started fighting back by saying that he wasn't being rude and that he wasn't saying mean things, and he and his dad started going back and forth with each other. All of a sudden filled with frustration Noah yells, "Don't you speak english??" I feel your pain, Buddy, I feel your pain!



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