February 20, 2011

My days with my boys

I realize that I'm posting a lot more pictures of our boys than our girls, but our girls are gone at school all day! I have much more time during the morning and afternoon to get my camera out and to capture the moments. Once the girls walk through the door, it's all business around here with homework, piano practice, dinner, reading time, showers, and bedtime. I need to be better at getting the camera out during the evening, too, because it may be the busiest time, but it's arguably the funnest time with everyone playing together, the hustling and bustling, stories about their days, music in the air, and so many helping hand at work.



  1. Adorable, although I don't know if I should show my kids because they will no doubt lament over the cousins being so far away. Love you guys.

  2. Hey Erica! Fun to see your blog!