December 7, 2010

We got a dog

I know, we're crazy.  
Kurt and I held out for a long time, but it just seemed like the right time.  We couldn't think of excuses anymore--we used to tell the kids that our yard was too small {true!} or that it was too cold for the dog outside {also true!}, or that we didn't know what our situation would be like in even a year {very true!}.  Well, we have the yard and the year-round nice weather.  Although our lifestyle now requires moving every few years, the Foreign Service is very accommodating to families with dogs.  And wouldn't a dog be something stable in their lives, a constant?  At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

I know that it just means more work for me, but really, it's for the kids.  I mean, look at Zoe's face--she's in heaven! 

They came home from school yesterday and it was so cute to see them rush to the back yard, excited to play with their new friend.  And Rocky was excited to see them, too. 

His name when we got him was "Rocky Balboa".

Once we decided we were going to get a dog, it all happened so fast.  After a little research, we decided on a Golden Retriever.  Kurt talked to someone at work who he heard was getting a dog over the weekend--and it just so happened that she was getting a dog from her vet who breeds Golden Retrievers.  And the vet happened to have a dog who was 11 months old who he had originally bought with the purpose of breeding, but was too small. Too good to be true, right?  Kurt and I met the dog first to make sure he would suit our family, and then brought him home--all within 3 days.  He's just a big, lazy dog which is just how I like them.  With a sweet temperament.  I think we're going to like having a dog.  



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  1. I can tell the kids love it. Very cute and furry. Mom