December 19, 2010

News of the week

Noah's favorite sandwich is his "pickle sna-wich".  This gourmet sna-wich consists of mayonnaise and pickles.....and nothing else.  Luckily they sell pickles at the commissary.
Noah has been calling Brazil "Prazil" for months, and just this week he started calling Virginia "Pirginia".  He told me, "The new people who are moving into our home in Pirginia, I hope they like our house."  Noah was 1 when we moved to our VA house, and so it's the only home he remembers.  I know he feels homesick at times.  I hope that I can make this home just as fun for the kids and that we can have wonderful memories here, too.  Sometimes it makes me sad when I think of all that we have asked our little kids to do so far with this move--to go to a new school, give up their beloved hamster, and leave the comfort of their home and country.  I just hope and pray that it will be for their good, that they'll become more confident, strong, compassionate, independent and well-rounded people.  I hope that one day they will thank us for these experiences.

Max slipped and fell on the wet marble deck this week.   

Max doesn't like to swing in the hammock (this is our #1 source of entertainment at our house) so I decided I was going to try to get him to like it.  I put him in my lap and as we were swinging I kept telling him, "See, Max, it's not scary, it's FUN!"  He kept repeating me with an unsure, quivering voice, "F-U-N".  We did this for 5 minutes when all of a sudden he decided he loved this new game called "FUN".  Now he'll grab my hand or the girl's hand and pull on it while saying, "FUN", which means he wants to swing in the hammock.  So cute.  Sometimes you just don't know what you're missing out on until you try it.

Zoe lost another tooth.  Luckily it took the Tooth Fairy only 2 nights to get to Brazil (*wink*).  "All she want for Christmas is her 2 front teeth...." 

I am so lucky because Macy and Aja will take Max and Noah upstairs while I'm making dinner and give them baths and get them dressed in their PJ's.  Such a wonderful ending to my days.   



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