December 7, 2010

Girl's 1st day of school

The girls had their 1st day of school on Nov. 24th.
They were a bit nervous to go, asking me very legitimate questions like, "Once we get there, how will we know where to go?".  They were so worried.  I assured them that someone would be there to assist them.  In fact, daughters of another FS family that we met while in VA were so sweetly waiting at the front of the school for them.  They had spread the word that new girls were coming and a whole group was waiting for them.  That really made their day and we were grateful that they already had friends.  I told the girls to remember how they felt when others treated them kindly on their 1st day of school and to always make it a point to help others who are new.  

The uniforms are tan pants with white or blue shirts, but I'm finding that the school isn't as strict with the dress as I thought.  The girls weren't very excited to wear uniforms but they aren't complaining now.  

Our girls are very outgoing and so far seem to be adjusting very well.  Starting a new school in a new country is a hard thing for a kid and we are super proud of them.  They came home with smiles on their faces.  Luckily they are great at making friends.  Macy is in 6th grade, Aja in 4th, and Zoe is in 2nd.  Their school consists of K-12 and although they are all on different floors, it's nice {for me} to have them all in the same building.  I like it for the convenience and that they get to see each other in the halls.
Noah starts Kindergarten in August--we'll have 4 in school, yikes!

I'd like to be involved in the school, but I really can't do anything until our car comes.  They'll have a month-long break from the middle of Dec. through the middle of Jan. and then when school starts back up I'll sign them  up for some after-school activities.  They have some fun options like, fencing, horseback riding, soccer {of course}, swimming, art, gymnastics, ballet, futsal {indoor soccer}, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. So far Macy and Zoe both want to do soccer and Aja horseback riding.  What I like is that it's straight after school and then they take the school bus home.  I am spoiled in so many ways.  


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